About Us

The fisrt Hi-Tech Live Escape Game in Frankfurt

„BreakOut – Live Escape Games“ is one of the first companies in Germany that brought entertainment to a completely new level. If you have ever had a chance to encounter a Live Escape Game before, you will be extremely surprised with EVERYTHING we prepared for you: from the scenarios and riddles to the life-like interiors and technical capabilities of our escape rooms.

What is a Live Escape Game?

If you haven’t heard about Escape Rooms before, we will be happy to tell you. Almost all of us played in the 1990s so called „Escape the room“ computer games. The point of the game was for the player to find a way to escape by finding, manipulating and applying different objects.

„BreakOut – Live Escape Games“ are the same games, but beyond the monitor – in REALITY, and the main character is YOU! Basically, everything you will see in our rooms can be touched, moved and, most probable, used in the game. For a whole hour your team will find itself in a room decorated according to the game theme. You will need to activate your logic, be extremely attentive and become a real team. Only like that you will be able to overcome all obstacles on the way to your freedom from our Live Escape Game in Frankfurt.

But don’t worry, you won’t stay alone! Our game masters will be helping you during the game and will surely give you a hint if you have come to a dead end. However, in case 60 minutes were not enough for you, we would open all the doors and would let you out anyways. Unfortunately, we would not be able to give you our winners armbands. But we can guarantee that even then you would leave us happy!

Our Live Escape Games in Frankfurt = guaranteed fun!

Of course, like in any other game, we have rules, but they are extremely simple. Our game masters will certainly introduce you to them before the game. You can also always have a look at them here. You will just need to use your brain and enjoy the time spent with “BreakOut – Live Escape Games”! This we can guarantee 100%! We have thought all the details of our games through very thoroughly. The most important thing for us is to make you happy and give you tons of positive emotions! That’s why lots of special effects, offbeat riddles, interesting scenarios and mind-blowing decorations are waiting for you. Once you try “BreakOut – Live Escape Games”, you will never come back to the previous leisure time activities and will always want to come back to live it all over again. And we will be happy to see you any time!