Game process

For the start, a little bit about the playing process. Our exitgames in Frankfurt are built for the teams of 2-5 people. Many riddles can be solved only by several people at a time and will require cooperation. Nevertheless, you will have one goal – break out of the room by solving all riddles and finding all keys. You will have only one hour for that. There is nothing to worry about if you don’t make it. In this case we will certainly let you out, but the game will be lost.

“Are we going to be locked for real?”

All our rooms are completely safe and monitored through cameras. Our game masters will be helping you during the whole game. You can ask for help any time you want, they will be communicating with you through the loudspeakers in the rooms and will be watching you through the cameras.


“What do I do with my stuff?”

We will ask you to leave all your belongings in the lockers in our waiting room. Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc. are, unfortunately, forbidden to use inside the games. In order to avoid the changes in the gaming schedule we would ask you to arrive 15 minutes earlier. To make the waiting nicer, we are pleased to offer you a range of cold drinks.


“What is forbidden in the rooms?”

“BreakOut – Live Escape Games” do not require any special skills or knowledge. Everything you will need is logic and attention. We would also kindly ask you not to use any violence towards our equipment, because everything that can be opened will open easily. And everything you break, we will have to repair 😀 Apart from that, we don’t let people in the state of narcotic, alcoholic or other intoxication to play. In this case we still reserve the right to charge you the full amount. We hope for your understanding and wish you to enjoy your time with “BreakOut – Live Escape Games”.